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March 11th update

posted Mar 13, 2012, 7:33 PM by Justin Fulton
Hello Team Rocky Mountain,

Hope every one is feeling well.
I have set up a meeting at the Crazy Merchant for March 31st at 11:00 am.
Sorry for not setting up a meeting sooner but I haven't heard from too many people about what they are up to.
The first deadline for registering for the games is March 14th then fees will go up $20.00.
Here is a link to the site http://www.transplantgamesofamerica.org/ check it out.
I have a team fundraising page set up on the site if people want to start raising money they can.
Here is the link

Good news we are partnering with Take Jake a non profit for organ donation awareness there will be a pay-pal acct set up to donate to along with the transplant games site. Here is the link to Take Jake http://takejake.org/ please go check it out. There is a face book site for Take Jake go check that too. Judy and family were part of the Madison games. And hey send some thanks there way.
Also here is a link to the team web site http://www.tg2012.teamrockymountain.info/
Feel free to  send pictures to post and stories of Team Rocky Mountain history we need some content on the site.
Also if you know of other people who may want to attend the games let them know. There are some donor events so reach out to donor families.
Lots of stuff to cover at the meeting.
Team Uniforms
Trading pins
Hotel rooms
Fundraising ideas
How to split up the fundraising.
Just some ideas please send me items you would like on the agenda
Not much more to say so here is hoping we will have a good turn out and please let me know if you are planning on attending the games we need to defend the team trophy. 
I believe the games are going to be good fun.
As far as I know we have two people signed up to go.
Well enough babbling
Live on the Positive Side of Life

Michael Wells