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Feb. 29, 2012

posted Feb 29, 2012, 5:17 AM by Justin Fulton
Hello Team Rocky Mountain,

Hope every one is feeling well.
We still are not connected to a non profit. if anyone has a connection to any organization who may want to help us out please feel free to contact them.
Also any fundraising ideas would be great.
The Transplant Games of America site is open for registration. 
The fee will be 140.00 until March 16th then goes up 20.00 until April 30th.
If you register select all your sports up to four. The 5k race is considered a sport.
Not sure if we have enough for team sports. I believe we can do basketball maybe not volleyball.
Right now I believe we have ten athletes who want to attend. I am hoping more people will want to go.
I believe these games are going to be fun and successful. The organizers are working hard and we should be there to support them while promoting organ donation awareness.

If you know of other transplant people who may want to participate let them know how exciting the games are.
I would like to schedule a team meeting for the 31st of March a Saturday.
Mike P could you send me info to contact the Crazy Merchant about meeting there?
Link to the transplant games web: www.transplantgamesofamerica.org

Link to team web site check this out and add some content. Does anyone have a team pic from the Madison games maybe one of the team receiving the trophy we can put on the transplant games web site oh yeah lets defend the title.

I am hoping people will get more excited about the games.
Feel free to email or call me with your thoughts.
Live o n the Positive Side of Life